Xbox Series X: Microsoft tailors launch plans for the pandemic

In the past, there's been an obsession about how many units are sold in the opening weeks and months of a new console's life. Given the pandemic, do you think that won't be the best way to measure the success of the launch this time?I think you already see that from a lot of the platform-holders, who are starting to pivot to engagement metrics than device metrics:How many people are playing?How often?What are people playing?How many friends do people have on the network?How many different games do people play?We've seen our subscribers play 40% more games than others, which we just think is great in terms of people finding a diversity of content.The cycle in games is a little different than some of the other media out there.Games are very durable, they're played over time, so it's not just about what happened today.One of our biggest games is Minecraft, and it just crossed over 200 million players.We just had one of our biggest months ever in terms of Minecraft…

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